Art and Architectural Flair

The Beach House at the Bluffs incorporates the work of skilled artisans using locally sourced materials and inspired by local natural and cultural subjects.

Door carving by Jeera Rattanangkul Custom sconce by Gerald Ben
Custom carved doors by Kona artist Jeera Rattanangkul define the entry to each bedroom suite with contemporary style. Custom Norfolk Pine and one-of-a-kind Raku fired sconces by Kona artist Gerald Ben complement the cool color palette of the house.

Several artworks within the Beach House were created by local artist Hiroki Morinoue. Born in Honolulu in 1947, Hiroki is inspired by both the natural landscape of Hawaii and the spare aesthetic of Japanese art. In 1996, he was designated a "Living Treasure" of Hawaii by the Honpa Hongawanji Mission.

Detail of carving on cabinetry Original woven pieces

Several woven pieces within the Beach House at the Bluffs were designed by local weaver Elizabeth Lee. Born in 1929 and weaving since age 10, Lee was named a "Living Treasure" by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs in 1993.

Local artist Paul Maddox designed the entry gates to the Beach House at the Bluffs.

Gary Ackerman, Ackerman Galleries, represents artists who contributed towards several aspects of design featured at the Beach House at the Bluffs.


Seattle-based artist Gloria Bornstein designed three unique works of sculpture for the Beach House at the Bluffs. Bornstein is known nationally for her sculptures and installations that explore the archaeology of place, revealing inside/outside layers of culture and natural meanings.

Whale Sculpture
A Whale dives alongside the pool.

Turtle Sculpture
A Turtle greets visitors in the entry garden.

Crab Sculpture
Life-sized bronze A'ama crabs scamper along lava rocks bordering the wading pool.

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