Energy Saving Technology


The Beach House at the Bluffs incorporates state-of-the-art energy-saving technologies in its award-winning green design.

The leading technology in this approach is the photovoltaic (PV) system, producing electricity directly from solar energy. The Beach House's 140 PV panels were integrated using a design inspired by Japanese Minka and Hawaiian roof ridge treatments, coupled with a zinc shingle roof, to create an attractive and highly visible renewable energy plant with the capacity to produce approximately about 100 KVolts per day.

Other energy-saving features include:

  • An energy monitoring system tracks and allows for fine tuning of lower power use modes
  • Homeworks lighting control system keeps energy used for lighting to a minimum and controls a
    "hibernate" mode for periods when the home is unoccupied
  • Through a sophisticated heat transfer system, excess heat created by the air conditioning system is applied completely to heating the swimming pool
  • Extra insulation and high-performance glazing throughout the building maintain thermal comfort and reduce loads on the AC system
  • Extensive use of fluorescent and LED lighting

Energy Saving Technology

Award-Winning Green Design

The Beach House at the Bluffs owners and architect Roth Kimura were the Overall Hawaii BuiltGreen™ Grand Award winners of the 25th Building Industry Association of Hawaii Renaissance Awards in 2010.

Photovoltaic Panels

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